Succulent & Concrete Planter Workshop

Make your own concrete planters and succulent arrangements.

About this experience

Together, we will create a beautiful concrete planter from scratch using silicone molds and we will also use a pre-made planter and plant a cute succulent in it, from our large collection of succulents! At the end, each guest will have two lovely planters! One you take home right away with a planted succulent in it and the other you collect after a day of drying or it can be mailed to you for a small fee.

We start off by putting on an apron and gloves (as we will work with concrete and pigment), review the materials and handling instructions, followed by an introduction to the tools and equipment, and then select from a variety of molds.

You have the option of traditional grey concrete or mixing it up by using a bone white concrete, perhaps adding a bit of colour pigment to it for a marbled or gradient look! I will guide you through the mixing and pouring stages along with the techniques needed to get your desired look.

We then use a pre-made planter and plant a succulent in it with all the ideal materials for it to thrive!

After the concrete has set the next day, I will finish your planter with a gentle sanding if needed and attach rubber feet to protect your table.

Additional information

No matter your experience working with the materials, know that there isn't anything a bit more powder or water can't fix! I will be with you every step of the way. Having fun is the name of the game.